Author, Counsellor, Writing Therapist, Professional Development & Public Speaker.

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Romi is passionate about sharing her knowledge and skills to empower all humans to lead a socially, emotionally and mentally healthy life.

She does this through one-on-one counselling, couples therapy, group workshops, public speaking, her books and her online school.

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Counselling with Romi

I believe that everyone should seek in-person or online counselling at some point in their lives. We all go to the dentist or car mechanic every year, but when do we give ourselves the gift of an emotional check in?

Professional Development

In the current climate, Professional Development in mental health and emotional well-being has never been more important.

Personal Development

Personal Development will help you to lead a socially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually balanced healthy life.

Public Speaking

Whether I am speaking as an author about my life in the slums of Cambodia, as a guest speaker on emotional well-being, I am known for my raw, honest and comfortable approach to the microphone.

Self-Help Books by Romi Grossberg

According to Business Insider, self-help books are, “designed tohelp us improve a specific aspect of our lives.” So whilst I amnot personally a fan of the cringe-feeling term ‘self-help’, thereality is that my first two books are – gulp – self-help books.

Romi Grossberg Online School

Welcome to the Romi Grossberg Online School where you can choose from the following courses and packages. Each course breaks down specific topics into bitesize videos so that you can watch, stop, reflect and implement.

These courses can de done at home in your own time and as many times as you wish.

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