The Key, A Social Emotional Toolkit for Teens

For Teenagers. For Educators. For Teacher PD.

The Key is an in-depth resource,  interactive guidebook and toolkit for life.

Who is The Key for?

If you are a teenager trying to understand yourself – your friendships, handle pressure, have good family relationships, deal with anxieties and get through school and life in a stress-free way, then this is for you.

If you are a parent wanting to assist, support and understand your teen better, then this book is for you.

If you are an educator, teen counsellor or school psychologist looking for a new resource full of activities, videos and practical explanations, then this book is for you.

If your school is interested in The Key, it can be taught in the classroom as a full course or as customised workshops by myself, a teacher or counsellor.

If your school is interested in Professional Development Teacher Training, please head to my Professional Development page.

How can The Key help?

The Key, A Social Emotional Toolkit for Teens addresses many obstacles and difficulties adolescence face in emotional and mental health and provides them with practical and real-life steps toward greater health and confidence.

The Key engages teenagers using self enquiry and self awareness to better understand themselves, their thoughts, actions and reactions, giving them back a sense of self control. It offers practical guidance and strategies, putting seemingly complex issues in to perspective through learning, sharing, writing therapy, activities and fifteen videos.

With over 20 themes, The Key addresses topics such as anxiety and stress, negative thought patterns, exam preparation, controlled breathing, calming down, school, friendships, how to trust yourself, communicate effectively, understand sibling rivalry or a parents’ divorce and so much more.

The Key offers practical step-by-step guidance in how to lead a socially emotionally healthy life. In a world where mental health in adolescence is on the rise, this book aims to equip teenagers with the skills they need to thrive in school, in the home and in life.

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