Break Free From Unhealthy Relationship Patterns

MASTERCLASS video now here – ‘The Art of Saying No.

I was fortunate to have been contacted recently by the lovely Cassandra Michael, a Positive Psychology & Mindset Coach for empaths and highly sensitives. After a Zoom meeting and some emails back and forth she has invited me as a Guest Presenter on her online course. I will be facilitating a workshop on boundaries.

Setting Boundaries.

Empath’s find it particularly difficult to not only set boundaries, but to keep their boundaries. In this workshop learn to understand why we all need boundaries. Learn how to say no without guilt and stress. Boundaries are empowering and keep us safe. Whilst many put a negative connotation on the word, boundaries is not a dirty word.

Cassandra’s online course is Break Free From Unhealthy Relationship Patterns, an 8-week Group Coaching Program starting Oct 5th.

Cassandra says: “You will get all the tools you need to let go of self-sabotaging patterns and start attracting the nurturing relationships you deserve from a place of wholeness, integrity and self-love. Topics like trauma bonding, reprogramming limiting beliefs, reparenting, inner child healing, boundaries, self-love authenticity and more, will be part of the value packed curriculum.”

For more info or to sign up, click here.