Melbourne events in May

I have finally landed in sunny Melbourne (yes the sun is actually shining).

I will be out and about doing public speaking and facilitating workshops during this month.

Here is an up to date short list of dates to remember.

Public Speaking

Mon 23rd : The Melbourne Jewish Writers Festival.

The Festival runs Sunday and Monday. I will be speaking on Mon at 5pm at The Lamm Library, Caulfield about my work with street kids in Cambodia and showing snippets from my Tedx talk. I will also discuss writing therapy and my new book on emotional intelligence.


Fri 27th : Wellthy Living Collective Wisdom – inspired talks and authentic connection.

Come and be inspired. Natasha Corbin and myself will be speaking Fri 10-1pm at The Morocco Lounge, Greville Street, Prahran. This is a women’s only event.



Sat 28th : Workshop: Writing from The Source

Come and join me for a 4-hour workshop on Sat 11-3pm at the gorgeous Healing Delight Centre opposite Caulfield Park.


Sun 29th : Workshop: Write with Heart

Join me for the first in a series of 3 writing workshops organised by Jewish Women of Words(JWOW), on Sun 2-5pm.


My latest book: The 5-Minute Guide to Emotional Intelligence book will be available for purchase at all of these events.


The Bliss Festival

If there is a better way to end the year than the Bliss Festival at The Sanctuary Thailand, I haven’t found it yet.

On the 29th, 30th and 31st of each year, the Tea Temple’s finest healers come together to put on an event based on opening your heart, letting go of the old and inviting in the new. The theme for 2015 was ‘The Cycles of Life’ with us all co-facilitating a couple of workshops each. I worked on a ‘trust and communication’ session and the ‘fire puja’ ceremony. Over 30 people participated. Here is a little summary.

Creative trust

I was fortunate to work this session with the master of Thai Vedic massage who is also an acro yogi, contact jam lover and self-proclaimed diva – Sebastian. Together we created a safe space for participants to learn the art of communication and trust, how to speak your truth, how to listen and to be heard. We shared about paths and directions in life, obstacles blocking our way and imagined how it would feel to overcome these and be clearly and happily on our own life’s path. We ended with ‘choosing our words’ – learning to summarise each answer in just one word – learning to drop any stories attached and be mindful in language.

Sebastian then guided us through how to feel this in our bodies; how to move through fears and obstacles in to trust, peace and exhiliration. We played trust games – learning to trust ourselves and others and we all learnt to fly in acro yoga. Pretty spectacular! Naturally the last activity was ‘Bad Hotel’ which was fun and silly and had the whole room sounding like a mixture of orgasms and laughter.

‘Stand Up’ Workshop

When the amazing International spoken word artist Fleassy Malay retured to Thailand, we both knew instantly that we needed to somehow collaborate and put something on together.

After some brainstorming we came up with…

‘Speak Up: Be Seen Be Heard’

A four-hour workshop in the beautiful Prana Hall with ten incredible, inspiring and motivated students… and boy what fun we had.

I facilitated the first two hours of creative writing; learning to express yourself through written word, break through fears, be creative, be true and honest with yourself and with lots of sharing in the circle.

The next two-hours facilitated by Fleassy was on how to take this confidence through written expression and use your voice. How to speak out loud, express out loud, be seen, be heard and do this with comfort and confidence.

As a participant in the last part of the workshop, watching and feeling as one by one we stood up in front of the group and learnt how to ‘just be’ with eyes on us was confronting for many. Standing there and speaking with a room full of eyes staring…. watching Fleassy bring out the best in each person one-by-one was great to be a part of. My favourite part was that break through moment as each person realised it for themselves… the cheers, the exhiliration, the laughter and joy was infectious.

What an incredible and fun day we all had. I hope Fleassy and I get to do it again one day whether in Melbourne or back here in Thailand.

Check out Fleassy


















‘Climbing the Walls,’ Griffith Review

Last year there was a call for submissions for the best new writers in Asia under 40.

I was 39. At the Asia Pacific Writers conference in Singapore they changed it to 45 and I panicked! More candidates! More experience! Oh no. I wrote my story and hesitated countless times before submitting it. I almost didn’t do it.

I need not have worried… and received a ‘congratulations’ email which I read, re-read and then showed a friend to make sure I understood correctly.

Yes my story ‘Climbing the Walls’ was published this month in Griffith Review: New Asia Now. A huge accomplishment. A renowned Australian quarterly publication. You can buy it in book stores around Australia and some places in Asia as well as online at:


You can now read my short story Climbing the Walls, Griffith Review

“Griffith Review49: New Asia Now showcases outstanding young writers from the countries at the centre of Asia’s ongoing transformation. They write about the people and places they know with passion, flair and insight.”

‘The Boy who Loved Bubbles,’ Imprint13. Hong Kong

My first short story to be published in a book was in the annual anthology ‘Imprint13’ through Women in Publishing in Hong Kong.

I jumped at the chance to attend the book launch and shared a room with my friend and poet Elizabeth who was also published.

I had written a short story ‘The Boy who Loved Bubbles’ based on my work at Tiny Toones Cambodia. It is the true story of a little boy ‘Bou’ who came from a family of such extreme property that his body odour sent me in to shock. It is a terrifying real story but did have a gloriously happy ending … of bubbles. The Hong Kong Women in Publishing Association loved my story and chose to include it in their anthology and invited me over to the book launch.

You can read The Boy who Loved Bubbles here.

Elizabeth and I were very civilised; shook hands with everyone, gave and received congratulations, posed for photos and drank a glass of wine or two…

but I believe some late night food was had 🙂

Read the short story here…

‘The Boy who Loved Bubble’ by Romi Grossberg.

Visiting Cambodia

The AP Writers Conference was over and being this close to Phnom Penh was too good and opportunity to pass up. SO I jumped on a plane and flew to Phnom Penh and as always straight over to Tiny Toones to visit these amazing kids. Here is Bboy Homie taking an exercise warm up class at Tiny Toones.

Later that day I went to watch the rest of the gang rehearsing at a club for their evening’s performance.  This is them post-rehearsal and pre-performance… always ready to pose for the camera. These are the amazing hip hop and break-dance staff of Tiny Toones – the original kids of the centre who came in as 10, 12 or 14 year-olds themselves. My amazing staff, my beautiful family, my heart, my everything.

The next day I went to catch up with good friend, Princess Soma Norodom. What an amazing and insiring woman. Love her to bits. We went for coffee and got hit on by two Russian guys at the next table who bought shots of vodka and had the waitress deliver them to us… at 11am! We could not stop laughing.

A trip to Cambodia without seeing my old housmate and sister Jemma is not complete and since she couldn’t get to Phnom Penh, I went to the jungle of Mundlukiri at her elephant sanctuary to see her. There is no visiting without being set to work though so here I am washing an elephant and trying to make myself useful.

And I am sure purely for Jem’s own amusement… here I am cleaning elephant poo…. they are enormous and I was kicking with all my might!

And then finally she let me relax and here we are in the hammocks… exhausted 🙂

Byron Bay Writers Festival

I was sitting in my Phnom Penh apartment on skype with my friend  – Australian author and mentor Kate Veitch, when she convinced me to come to the Byron Bay Writers Festival (it wasn’t really that hard).

She both put me up and put up with me and ferried me around to readings, panels (of course she was on numerous) and workshops on the beautiful Byron Bay grounds and in town.  If you’ve never been to this festival, stick it on your list!

On the left is Kate, Laurel Cohn in the middle and myself. Kate had booked me in to Laurel’s workshop on storylines which was incredible and a year later I asked Laurel to edit the first draft of my book.

There was even time to hit Mullumbimby Farmer’s Market and enjoy the sunshine over good coffee.

Gorgeous Spring weather for the 3-day festival (plus 2 days of workshops).


Tedx rehearsal… on my birthday

Me rehearsing on my 36th birthday at ‘sound check’.

Notice the notes in my hand? Yep, I was told off. No notes allowed! With 7 days until the real performance I assured them … no problem (with  a lump in my throat and sweaty palms).

The kids rehearsed… and dutifully bowed….

AND THEN…. they suprised me with a birthday cake! My whole gang and the organisors came out of the kithen with cake for me. 

which we all shared before going outside to play …