‘Healing through Hip Hop in the Slums of Phnom Penh,’ Rupkatha Journal

Healing through Hip Hop in the Slums of Phnom Penh’, Rupkatha Journal, Special issue on Performance Studies, 2013

​”Local non-government organisation ‘Tiny Toones’ is the first and only of its kind in Cambodia, to use hip hop to engage with, and empower the most disadvantaged children and youth in Phnom Penh. Working with young people from backgrounds of drug and alcohol abuse, prostitution, gang life, family violence and extreme poverty, it offers creative arts alongside education and life skills….”

Read Article: Healing through Hip Hope in the Slums of Phnom Penh

‘Rock, Paper, Scissors,’ Travel essay competition Top 20

I Must Be Off! Travel Essay competition, 2013

“… I look in to the street and see there are beggars everywhere, from five year-olds to this ancient looking woman I just encountered. They all look sad, with the same vacant look in their eyes. As I am watching a little barefoot girl in tattered clothes being shooed away by the expats next door, I am startled by a young boy that approaches my table….”

My first ever story writing competition, and I made the top 20 list.

Read it here: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Kosal Khiev; Words through the Walls

WuPP #5, 2013

“… I have been on this path, this yellow brick road for such a long time , and now I am right where I am meant to be…” 

The Cambodian Women Entrepenuer Association

WuPP #8, 2013

“… CWEA’s mission is to encourage and support the growth of women-owned businesses in Cambodia…”

Yab Moung; The First Khmer Alternative Music’s Label

Wupp #7, 2013

“… Times have been tough though in recent months for Soma. In October the King’s father died and shortly after she was publicly criticised for a controversial column in The Post…”

Soma Norodom, The Rebel Princess

WuPP #7, 2013

“… Introducing Cambodia’s first dynamic duo street artists, Pear Tarr and Lisa Mam…”

To give or not to give

WuPP #2, 2012

“… If you are living in, or just visiting Cambodia, you will have come across one of the estimated 24,000 children living or working on the streets…”

Canon I-Qlick

“… The school holding photography classes for adults in both khmer and english is part of Canon’s mission to promote photography in Cambodia…”

Interview by a Cambodian Princess

My interview was at the end of my working day. I hadn’t thought much of it.

At about 4pm I asked my kids in the centre to look at the radio interview request email so they could explain to me where exactly the station was. Four of them read the email and then looked me up and down and laughed.

“You can’t go dressed like that”

“Why not? It is radio, no one can see me”

“Don’t you know who Soma Norodom is?”

“Ummm, the lady who is interviewing me?”

“Think about it. What’s the name of the main road here, the really big one”


Oh shit! She is Princess Soma Norodom.

Panic as I start running around the centre knowing I don’t have time to go home and change. I wash my face and take a clean ‘Tiny Toones’ work t-shirt. It’s the best I can do. I wasn’t nervous before. Now I am terrified. The segment is ‘Emerging Female Leaders in Cambodia. The Princess wants to interview me?

An hour passes of banter back and forth between Soma and I (yes we are on first name basis now) and we totally forget we are live until question time and people call in – and they did. We had an absolute blast. We discussed everything from ex-pat life in Cambodia, learning Khmer language, working with street kids, children’s rights and my upcoming TEDx talk. She is my age and one very cool and very smart lady. She is also nicknamed ‘The Rebel Princess.’


Later the same year I was asked to interview Soma for WuPP (What’s up Phnom Penh) magazine. She still tells people it was her favourite interview.