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Mental Health & Emotional Well-Being during Covid, 2021

28 November 2021 at 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

‘Mental Health in 2021’

After 18 months of uncertainty, isolation and fluctuating restrictions, it is no wonder many of us are feeling more stressed, anxious, depressed or just out of sorts.
As expats we have the added nuances of friends leaving and losing our robust social circles, family support networks being far away, and the inability to travel home easily for funerals, weddings or just some good old fashion hugs.
Many of us may have also experienced ‘collective anxiety’ or ‘contagious anxiety’ in the workplace, home or on social media.
COVID has been really tough for many.
This free one-hour talk will cover aspects of mental health and emotional well-being and the impact Covid has had on individuals and society. The better we understand what is happening to us, our family and friends, the better equipped we are to handle life.
More importantly we will look at what can be done. Strategies, tips and take-home tools to do at home in moments of stress, distress, panic or just a crappy day.
Let’s create ‘collective calm,’ ‘collective harmony’ and ‘collective positivity.’
If you missed the event, here is the recording.


Villa San Pee-Seua