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Somatic Therapy, Interview on aftercare practise, 2021

1 August 2021 at 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Upcoming Somatic Therapy online course with Chinese Medicine Doctor Jim Spears.

Below is a teaser from the one-hour interview of Dr Jim with counsellor Romi Grossberg on care/aftercare practice and the mental & emotional well-being of somatic practitioners and patients.

The course will be released Aug 2021 and stay open.


Working with emotions and conditions like anxiety, depression and emotional holding patterns requires specific skill sets which many acupuncturists and manual therapists do not have. However, since our methods often do result in emotional catharsis for people, it is essential to have the right communication skills and other techniques to support people in their healing process.To do this, talking therapies are essential as well as good communication skills. For therapists that are not psychologists, and frequently work with clients suffering from mental – emotional disorders, it is essential to have some skill sets for speaking with our patients.

In this course run by Chinese Medical Doctor Jim Spears, the topic of aftercare practise for acupuncturists and other somatic healers is addressed through an interview from Dr Jim with Holistic Counsellor Romi Grossberg. Somatic Therapy Online Course – In this course you will learn powerful and practical techniques in various somatic therapies. This is a fully engaged system for meeting your clients emotional healing needs.

The course will be released August 2021.