Media: Podcasts, Videos & Audio


I am passionate about sharing information and knowledge about being an author and about mental health, well-being and self-care – for adults and teenagers. I love podcast interviews because together we can reach a range of people that might otherwise miss out.

Mental health and well-being are huge topics and can feel scary but a well-informed and interesting interview can allow for flow and a discussion that can head in a number of directions – whether that means defining anxiety, understanding how our mind forms negative thought loops, tips for mindfulness meditation or why journalling can help you understand yourself and feel more calm. Anything is possible.

I enjoy good podcast banter.

Contact me if you would like an interview.

You will also find my Youtube channel below, covering a whole range of topics around mental health, emotional well-being, and tips and tools for at home emotional health.

If you would like to see past television interviews, speaking events, conferences, and TEDx Phnom Penh, please see my Public Speaking page.