Mental Health Trends in Teachers – The Great Teacher Resignation Podcast, US.

“Romi Grossberg, a counselor, trainer, author, and TEDx presenter, joins us to discuss mental health trends seen in teachers, how to recognize when someone may need to seek professional help, and the mental health stigmas that still hold people back.”

Interviewed by Jodee and Ali, founders and presenters of The Great Teacher Resignation Podcast whom I met at SXSW in Austin this year. We bonded over discussions around mental health in schools.

What a joy to chat with these two professionals. In this podcast we covered topics including: stress, burnout, overwhelm, anxiety and depression of teachers (which applies to many adults in the workforce too). We talked all things teachers, schools and mental health, key indicators of mental health to check if you or a colleague are not ok. Importantly we discussed the difference between debriefing or confiding in a friend, partner or colleague versus speaking with a trained professional, using the example of what would happen if a client came to someone like myself for online or in-person counselling sessions – Looking at the immediate ‘how can I help myself now’ to the long term skills and processes for different issues as they arise.


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Love these pics:

Top: How beautifully professional we look. Bottom: What my office actually looked like on Zoom.