“One day I just let go…“

I love what I do!

Last month I held my ‘Writing from The Source’ workshop and the beautiful Mannu joined our group. By the next day he had written and posted his gratitude and expressed his new found voice, which I feel compelled to share. He wrote the most magnificent piece from one of the exercises we did in the class. Just stunning. Below is his post and story:

Today I went to a workshop called “Writing From The Source”, led by my lovely new friend Romi Grossberg.

She is a very inspiring and loving woman and I’ve been very lucky to share some very interesting conversations with.

Yesterday, as she was explaining me more about her work not only as a writer but a counsellor and therapist, she very kindly offered to put together a workshop where she could help me face some of my fears and blockages when it comes to writing.

I’m very excited to put to use all the tools I learned, not only for writing more intuitively and authentically, but also for writing more often even as self study and examination.

One of the exercises consisted in finding something in the nature around us and then write about it in only 3 minutes.

Immediately I thought I was not going to choose randomly but I was really to search for something in this nature that I could really relate and connect with. Something that maybe was going through the same process or “life” circumstances that I’m going through right now.

This is the result of that:

“And after all this time and all this struggle, I let go.

I held on to you for as long as I could. Maybe even longer. Like a drunk to an empty bottle.

I breathed just for you. I held on through pouring waters and typhonic winds until I realised there was no point anymore.

One day I just let go. I didn’t clench anymore, I just relaxed and let go.

It was very peaceful. The same winds and gusts I always feared just seemed to caress me as they floated and danced me around.

At the end I didn’t even hit the ground hard. I just flowed into it with grace.

To you and most, I might just look old and rugged and beaten; rotten and perhaps dead.

But trust me I’m everything but dead. I’m the possibility of life itself once again.

As I slowly melt into the earth, I just wait in blessed silence to see what I’ll become tomorrow.

A Dry Dead Leaf”


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