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I believe that everyone should seek in-person or online counselling at some point in their lives. We all go to the dentist or car mechanic every year, but when do we give ourselves the gift of an emotional check-in?

Can Holistic Counselling Help Me?

Holistic Counselling can help quiet your mind, work through mental health issues, trust yourself, recognise your goals and strengths, communicate effectively with partners, children, parents and friends, break out of old patterns or negative thought behaviours, let go of old stories, understand and better cope with mental health, make decisions that are right for you, gain clarity, focus, calm and more.

Holistic Counselling includes the ‘all of you"...

Holistic Counselling recognises that:

Holistic Counselling also means that I, as the therapist, can switch between therapeutic modalities depending on your needs. A session with me may include talk therapy and active listening, writing therapy exercises, cognitive behaviour therapy, narrative therapy, breathwork, and often homework including journalling and variations of mindfulness meditation.

Writing Therapy

Writing Therapy is a powerful tool for identifying and processing stagnant thoughts and emotions in a way that talking alone often cannot. Writing therapy can help with getting in touch with gut feelings and making good decisions, facilitate letting go of old patterns and stories and help you reach deeper levels of understanding yourself.

Even for those “I don’t journal” or “I don’t like writing” clients, I promise you that in time you will discover its power, freedom, and joy.

Why Choose Me?

The top 3 things most people say they love:


My no bull** approach


My ability to breakdown complicated issues and find perspective and simplicity them


My skill in making learnings practical and applicable to real life

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I work with adults, couples and teenagers (15+).