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Online and In-Person

Personal development is a lifelong process. There is no one course, or one fix that equals, “I am there, I have finished.” It is a matter of taking one thing at a time, one topic, one desire, one “ooh I wish I could do that” or “I’d love to learn that skill” and then following through.

I see Personal Development as a way to lead a more socially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually balanced and healthier life. A way to learn practical and powerful new tools to get back in charge of your life in a meaningful way. I offer this through my Online School and In-Person workshops.

My two main focus areas are: 1. Mental Health. 2. Soft Skills.

  1. Mental Health: Understanding anxiety, depression, negative thought patterns and behaviours, how we think, listen, respond, behave and make decisions.
  2. Soft Skills: There are many soft skills including self-enquiry, self-awareness, verbal and non-verbal communication, stress management, work-life balance, problem-solving, adaptability, managing emotions, creative thinking, creative writing, value systems, conflict resolution, self-care, integration, mindfulness, goal setting, empathy, trust and more.

*If you look at this soft skills list you can see the connection between mental health and soft skills. Many of these skills could easily fall in both baskets.

In-Person: Keep an eye out on my website and social media for any upcoming workshops and courses. Right now (in 2022) they will be held locally in Thailand. Feel free to get in touch if you would like a bespoke workshop in your area.

Online: The ROMI GROSSBERG ONLINE SCHOOL offers a range of mental health and soft skill classes. You will find Communication in Relationships courses, Positive Emotional Health & Well-Being courses and a range of packages. Each course has short bitesize practical and easy to digest videos on one topic at a time. At the great thing is, you can do it from home at your own pace.

If you are a teenager, a parent or an educator interested in personal development for adolescents, I lead workshops and bespoke courses for teenagers in schools or community groups from my book The Key, A Social Emotional Toolkit for Teens, in the following topics:

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence · Values · Empathy · Identity – Different versions of Self · Communication skills / Tone of Voice · Choices · Breath/Meditations · Anxiety · Success & Failure · Unconditional self-love · Negative Thoughts · Creating Positive Affirmations · Understanding Sadness v Happiness · Depression · What is friendship? · What kind of friend are you? · Jealousy & Envy · Bullies / Bully Check-in · Acts of kindness · Apologies · Compliments · What is family? · Resolving arguments · My home · Divorce · 5 Stages of grief/loss.

If you are a teacher or educator looking for Professional development in the above or other topics, please head to my Professional Development page.


  • Free Youtube videos and content will be updated on my YT channel and website.
  • Individual adult, teen, couples counselling is available in-person or online through my counselling page.