The 5-Minute Guide to Emotional Intelligence, Your Journey, Your Journal.


The 5-Minute Guide to Emotional Intelligence Book

Your Journey, Your Journal

Emotional Intelligence is proving to be the greatest predictor of people’s happiness and success so why not dive into an emotional intelligence book today.

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

Embracing an Emotional Intelligence book to help improve self-awareness, leading to more meaningful relationships and overall increases your emotional well-being.

Strengthening your inner E.Q. can feel like a big undertaking, both overwhelming and time-consuming. Romi Grossberg’s incredible journal-style book breaks it down in to simple 5-minute per day exercises that are straightforward and more importantly – fun!

Reclaim your Inner Power.

Learn how to get past perfectionism, get through procrastination and re-discover your true voice.

Connect to your Source, your Inner Voice, your Gut; the Centre of your Emotions.

Learn how to shut your mind off, get out of your head and embrace The Art of ‘Gutism.’

With this inspirational new 30-day program toward Emotional Intelligence we’ll address common blocks to emotional understanding and your fears of expression. Start your journey toward self-discovery with just 5 minutes of writing a day.

Let your Intuition Speak. Learn how to listen.

This journal is for you. No judgement; there is no right or wrong, no good or bad. There is no particular end destination. The challenge is in the doing. So do. Write. Get to know yourself.

‘Through Writing from The Source I went from thinking, “I can’t write and I have nothing to say” to finding myself writing deep and creative stories in a completely organic way. Connecting to your source is undoubtedly a great way to connect to your true self.’

‘This process gave me the tools to navigate the blocks that plagued my creative process and I had a blast doing them.’

‘These amazing exercises were extremely helpful for me to get out of my ‘never stop talking mind’. I learned the importance of surrendering to whatever comes on to the paper.’

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