‘Stand Up’ Workshop

When the amazing International spoken word artist Fleassy Malay retured to Thailand, we both knew instantly that we needed to somehow collaborate and put something on together.

After some brainstorming we came up with…

‘Speak Up: Be Seen Be Heard’

A four-hour workshop in the beautiful Prana Hall with ten incredible, inspiring and motivated students… and boy what fun we had.

I facilitated the first two hours of creative writing; learning to express yourself through written word, break through fears, be creative, be true and honest with yourself and with lots of sharing in the circle.

The next two-hours facilitated by Fleassy was on how to take this confidence through written expression and use your voice. How to speak out loud, express out loud, be seen, be heard and do this with comfort and confidence.

As a participant in the last part of the workshop, watching and feeling as one by one we stood up in front of the group and learnt how to ‘just be’ with eyes on us was confronting for many. Standing there and speaking with a room full of eyes staring…. watching Fleassy bring out the best in each person one-by-one was great to be a part of. My favourite part was that break through moment as each person realised it for themselves… the cheers, the exhiliration, the laughter and joy was infectious.

What an incredible and fun day we all had. I hope Fleassy and I get to do it again one day whether in Melbourne or back here in Thailand.

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