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‘3 Ways to Step into 2021, Without the Weight of 2020,’ Thrive Global.

3 Ways to Step into the New Year!

“2020 felt like a pretty horrible year to most people no doubt. Understandably, we just want to walk (or run!) away from it.

As much as we would like to switch off the memories, we can’t. Carrying the feelings, fear or anxiety of the past year into 2021 won’t benefit us as individuals, or as a collective.

So how can we prepare for 2021?

The reality of the world right now is that many of us will be spending what is normally a huge celebration – New Years Eve, alone or in small groups. Here are 3 things we can do on our own, with a friend or with a family member on new years eve itself, or during this week.

Grab a pen and 3 pieces of paper and let’s begin.”

  1. Saying Goodbye

Write down what you would like to shed. Think about your emotions, thoughts and feelings. We can’t get rid of what actually happened, the loss or the pandemic, but we can shed the anger, frustration, sadness or despair. Layer by layer, a little at a time, we can let go of the feelings associated. Write them down, find your words, express, process, let go.

With 2020’s pandemic spilling in to 2021, all we can control right now is us. Our thoughts, feelings, actions, reactions, behaviour and style of communication. Whatever did not serve you in 2020, now is the time to make peace with it. 2020 is over and it is time to let go.

Burn that letter as you release it from your mind, body and soul.

Photo by Anthony R Turner, Art of Love Photography.

Positive Emotional Health & Well-Being

The ‘Positive Emotional Health and Well-Being’ online course aims to support you to live a socially, emotionally and mentally healthy life. It covers a range of topics over six videos offering practical and actionable tools and techniques to help you step forward and lead a confident, empowered and balanced life.

1. Free Your Mind

2. Letting go

3. Breaking Free of Negative Thoughts

4. Intuitive Decision-Making: Making choices that are right for you

5. Perfectionism, Success and Failure

6. Combatting Anxiety

Also check out my course on Effective Communication.

Learning to Breathe

Have you ever stopped to notice your breath before?

When you get a fright, you inhale and hold your breath. When you get anxious, you take short breaths, not quite big enough to actually fill your lungs and body full of oxygen. When you’re in pain you probably exhale hard but don’t really remember to inhale.

Can you see some patterns relating to the breath? Can you see how important the breath is to control and keep us calm? You don’t in fact have to do anything to exhale, to breathe out, that happens naturally. What we need to concentrate on is the inhalation – the breathing in of oxygen because our body (including our brain) needs it. It sounds obvious and you’re probably thinking, “I breathe all day”, but do you really?

Do you take nice long deep breaths that truly reach your belly and truly open your chest and fill your lungs? If you do, then you’ll be feeling completely relaxed all the time.

Let’s stop here and try.

Lie on the floor if you can, or sit up straight. Put your hand on your belly and breathe in through your nose. Breathe into your belly until it is big, until you feel it expand and your hand rise with it (you may have learned this in a yoga class). Exhale gently through your mouth and let out a long sigh. When you exhale you should feel your hand on your belly drop as the air comes out. Breathe all the way out until you literally can’t exhale any more.

This video will help show you to how to take this deep breath.


Now that you know how, let’s add colours to the breath. Think of a colour that you like that makes you feel calm and happy.  Next, close your eyes and picture breathing in fresh oxygen and positive thoughts in this calm, beautiful colour full of love and happiness, all the way until your belly is big. When you exhale, breathe out all your negative thoughts, sadness and bad energy in a dirtier colour of brown or grey or whatever colour it is for you. Inhale love and all the beauty in your life and exhale what you don’t want or need. Try this a few more times.

If you are taking long, deep breaths now, can you feel how much space you actually have inside? More than you realised? Now that is a full breath!

It is not always simple and it does not come easily to everyone. I actually ended up having lessons in how to do this, because I felt like I couldn’t. I found it very stressful and scary to think that I didn’t know how to take a full deep breath until I learned and practiced. As with anything, practice is the key. Once you feel comfortable you can start using this type of breath whenever you feel you need it.

If you have had a stressful day, if you come home upset, if you have an exam coming up or have had a fight with someone, then lie down somewhere quiet and breathe. Start with one or two minutes and work your way up to five or more.

Using this breath when you are upset, angry or confused will help you calm down and bring focus and clarity. To take it one step further, here is another little trick. Before you lay down to practice your breathing, grab a pen and paper and write down whatever is on your mind. Write without trying to understand it all yet, just write all your thoughts or frustrations. This will help clear the chaos of the mind. Then breathe. Practice the breath you just learnt. This combination really helps clear the mind and bring calm.

Step 1:


Step 2:


If nothing else then every night when you jump into bed, take at least three of these deep full breaths. You will feel more calm, and ready for sleep. I still do this every night.

* This breathing technique is part of my book The Key, A Social Emotional Toolkit for Teens and is taught in class rooms as well as individually. 

‘Top Tip to Manifesting a Magical 2017,’ Medium

For many, 2016 was a particularly tough year. Whether that includes you or not, I am going to share with you my top tip to manifesting a magical 2017.

This simple process will teach you how to let go of 2016 and open your heart and mind to the magic of 2017.

1. Letting Go and Conscious Decision-Making.

Sit in silence for a moment and recap your year. Grab some paper and a pen and write down anything that you want to let go of from 2016. It can be an emotion such as fear or anything that upset you, angered you, frustrated you, saddened you, anything that didn’t serve you and any old stories that you want to let go of.

Write them all down as a conscious choice. “I choose to let go of …”

Fold the paper and put it aside for a moment.

2. Conscious Manifestation.

What do you want for yourself for 2017? It can be anything. What do you dream of for yourself? Include your personal and professional life. Write it with intention. Write it with your heart wide open. Add what you want for your family and then what you want for the world.

Dream big! Be clear and specific. “For 2017, I want/I wish for/I will have/I will be.”

Fold the paper and put it aside for a moment.

3. Ceremony

Whatever kind of ceremony suites your personality and makes it feel that you are marking an important moment. The only thing it must include is a lighter or matches, the rest is up to you. Take a few deep breaths and pick up your first paper. Read it out loud. Know that you are making a conscious decision with all of your being to now let go of all that no longer serves you, all that hurt you or upset you in 2016. Make a prayer in whatever way that makes sense to you. Take a moment for yourself, and then burn it and know you are letting it go.

Now pick up your second paper and read it out loud. Read it with enthusiasm and desire for all that you wish to invite in to your life for 2017. Know that you are making a conscious decision with all of your being to now invite all that you wish for in 2017. Make a prayer in whatever way that makes sense to you. Take a moment for yourself, and then burn it and know you are sending it out in to the world to be answered.

Breathe. Relax. Smile. You are done.

Welcome 2017, I look forward to enjoying you to the fullest.

Bring it on!


Romi Grossberg is a counsellor, writing therapist and author of ‘The 5-Minute Guide to Emotional Intelligence’. For more information, go to www.romigrossberg.com

Source: Top Tip to Manifesting a Magical 2017 – romi grossberg – Medium

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