Gaining Clarity & Trusting Your Gut – Podcast interview on Sanctuary Wellness, Thailand

‘Gaining Clarity & Trusting Your Gut’

I was honoured to be invited by good friend, colleague and host Faith Hill to speak on Sanctuary Wellness podcast. Faith interviews a variety of healers and therapists from around the world to hear their stories.

“Welcome to the Sanctuary Wellness Podcast featuring inspiring and informative interviews with wellness experts in a huge variety of mental, physical, and spiritual practices.

In each episode, your host & life coach, Faith Hill talks with a different guest who shares their expertise and knowledge on a valuable wellbeing practice. In addition, each guest shares a personal insight into themselves as people;

what inspires them, what drives them, what fascinates them.

This podcast is brought to you from the Sanctuary Thailand Wellness Resort on the tropical island of Koh Phangan. 

Wellbeing, health, life balance, mindset, alternative therapies, vitality, happiness, detox, yoga, meditation, nutrition, positivity.”


Faith also published a 10-minute Mindfulness Meditation of mine a few weeks ago.


Writing from The Source

The perfect way to start the new year; Getting aligned, clear and able to express yourself and your desires.
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