Tedx Phnom Penh

In Febraury 2011, Cambodia held its first ever Tedx in Phnom Penh.

As Manager of Tiny Toones I was asked to present. Of course I wanted founder ‘KK’ to do it with me even though I knew I would get a certain “no.” KK is a humble and shy man. I did however manage to convince him to be recorded on video which we shot on my balcony over endless laughs (the offcuts could make a video on its own!).

Those that know me know I would never go anywhere without ‘my kids’ – the beloved staff and students of this hip hop centre. When asked to perform, my first question was “can I bring my kids up on stage?” which was initially met with silence. After explaining who they were and no they are not little children but teens and older… I was given permission.

Below is the Tedx presentation we did. The performance by ‘my kids’ was choreographed by them under the guidance of KK.

… and yes I did write a story about the lead up to Tedx: the fear, anxiety, excitement and the ultimate performance. Sections can be read in imprint 14: ‘A Perfect Statue’ or for those who can’t be bothered reading, you can watch it on video here in the blog from when I performed the written story at open-mic in Thailand.

We called it ‘Dance Your Life Around.’


Kha’s unbelievable solo.

Kha and Slick’s ‘dance fight’

The team

And I couldn’t have done it without Shhort…


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