The Art of Gutism – Intuition ReDefined. Live ‘In-conversation-with.’

How to Trust Yourself and Make Decisions that are Right for YOU.

In conversation with: Romi Grossberg (Author, Therapist) and Quenton Stroud (Master Oracle). Live Interview.

A fascinating, free-flowing and light-hearted ‘In-conversation-with’ between Quenton and myself on The Art of Gutism – Intuition ReDefined. The Art of Gutism is a phrase I came up with many years ago to address that gut feeling we have all experienced but often can’t quite put our finger on.

What can be more important than trusting ourselves? It might sound simple and obvious but many of us really struggle to know what the right thing to do is, and to have trust in ourselves and our decision-making skills. We fear making big decisions and often second-guess even after the decision has been made. So how do we do this confidently?

The process begins with how to let go of our minds, let go of our thoughts, our family, societal and cultural pressures, and listen to our body. It is an art and so I call it The Art of Gutism. How do we TRUST ourselves, TRUST our intuition, TRUST that gut feeling and make decisions withOUT second-guessing and going back on what we truly believe in. Stay in-line with our values.

We first need to allow the argument between the head and heart to take place, we need to allow that process first, you can even write it down – I want, I need, because, I don’t want or need, the pros and cons of it all. Then – Let it go. Be silent. Breathe. Allow the mediator, the gut, to speak. And trust.

If you’d like to learn more about it or experience this for yourself with me, I can teach you – online or in-person.

Quenton and I met by chance at a drag show cabaret venue and within weeks I was at his place having an incredible reading. Of course in our worlds ‘by chance’ means being in our flow. We were meant to meet. We connected immediately so when he suggested we do a live interview, I naturally agreed (despite giving me less than 12 hours notice).

For both Quenton and I, intuition is an important part of life. Listening to ourselves. Letting go of others opinions. Trusting ourselves. The biggest question always, is, can it be taught? And the answer is yes!

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