The Bliss Festival

If there is a better way to end the year than the Bliss Festival at The Sanctuary Thailand, I haven’t found it yet.

On the 29th, 30th and 31st of each year, the Tea Temple’s finest healers come together to put on an event based on opening your heart, letting go of the old and inviting in the new. The theme for 2015 was ‘The Cycles of Life’ with us all co-facilitating a couple of workshops each. I worked on a ‘trust and communication’ session and the ‘fire puja’ ceremony. Over 30 people participated. Here is a little summary.

Creative trust

I was fortunate to work this session with the master of Thai Vedic massage who is also an acro yogi, contact jam lover and self-proclaimed diva – Sebastian. Together we created a safe space for participants to learn the art of communication and trust, how to speak your truth, how to listen and to be heard. We shared about paths and directions in life, obstacles blocking our way and imagined how it would feel to overcome these and be clearly and happily on our own life’s path. We ended with ‘choosing our words’ – learning to summarise each answer in just one word – learning to drop any stories attached and be mindful in language.

Sebastian then guided us through how to feel this in our bodies; how to move through fears and obstacles in to trust, peace and exhiliration. We played trust games – learning to trust ourselves and others and we all learnt to fly in acro yoga. Pretty spectacular! Naturally the last activity was ‘Bad Hotel’ which was fun and silly and had the whole room sounding like a mixture of orgasms and laughter.

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