Visiting Cambodia

The AP Writers Conference was over and being this close to Phnom Penh was too good and opportunity to pass up. SO I jumped on a plane and flew to Phnom Penh and as always straight over to Tiny Toones to visit these amazing kids. Here is Bboy Homie taking an exercise warm up class at Tiny Toones.

Later that day I went to watch the rest of the gang rehearsing at a club for their evening’s performance.  This is them post-rehearsal and pre-performance… always ready to pose for the camera. These are the amazing hip hop and break-dance staff of Tiny Toones – the original kids of the centre who came in as 10, 12 or 14 year-olds themselves. My amazing staff, my beautiful family, my heart, my everything.

The next day I went to catch up with good friend, Princess Soma Norodom. What an amazing and insiring woman. Love her to bits. We went for coffee and got hit on by two Russian guys at the next table who bought shots of vodka and had the waitress deliver them to us… at 11am! We could not stop laughing.

A trip to Cambodia without seeing my old housmate and sister Jemma is not complete and since she couldn’t get to Phnom Penh, I went to the jungle of Mundlukiri at her elephant sanctuary to see her. There is no visiting without being set to work though so here I am washing an elephant and trying to make myself useful.

And I am sure purely for Jem’s own amusement… here I am cleaning elephant poo…. they are enormous and I was kicking with all my might!

And then finally she let me relax and here we are in the hammocks… exhausted 🙂

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