Workshops, Courses & Conferences

Personal development courses to help you lead a more socially, emotionally, spiritually balanced and healthier life.

Learn practical and powerful new tools to get back in charge of your life in a meaningful way.

I lead two-hour workshops, full-day and two-day programs for adults in the following topics;

  • Trusting yourself · Mindfulness · How to get out of the busy mind · Good decision-making · Goal setting · Self-care · Living your dreams · Communication · Letting Go · Integration.

I lead workshops and bespoke courses for teenagers and schools from my book The Key, A Social Emotional Toolkit for Teens, in the following topics;

  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence · Values · Empathy · Identity – Different versions of Self · Communication skills / Tone of Voice · Choices · Breath/Meditations · Anxiety · Success & Failure · Unconditional self-love · Negative Thoughts · Creating Positive Affirmations · Understanding Sadness v Happiness · Depression · What is friendship? · What kind of friend are you? · Jealousy & Envy · Bullies / Bully Check-in · Acts of kindness · Apologies · Compliments · What is family? · Resolving arguments · My home · Divorce · 5 Stages of grief/loss.

Online courses:

The Romi Grossberg School was launched in April 2022. It is an online school with bite-size classes for you to do at your own pace from the comfort of your home. There are two courses – ‘Communication in Relationships’ and ‘Positive Emotional Health & Well-Being’ plus individual coaching and packages.

All available now on

  • Free Youtube videos and content will be updated on my YT channel and website.
  • Individual adult, teen, couples counselling is available in-person or online.
  • For Professional Development, please head to the Professional Development page.